Aluminium welding requires different techniques and processes than welding steel, and it’s critical to know these differences in order to complete successful welds and work on a variety of different projects. Here at Brian Kelly Our Well trained staff with years of experience will make sure any of your aluminium welding needs are catered for and completed  to the highest standards.


Benefits to Aluminium Welding:

Lightweight: When compared to steel, aluminum has a better strength-to-weight ratio and becomes stronger rather than brittle with decreasing temperature. This makes it a great choice for projects that require strength, yet need to remain lightweight.

Electricity & heat: Aluminum conducts electricity and heat almost as well as copper.

Non-corrosive: While oxidation creates challenges during the welding process, this quality is also a benefit to using aluminum, as it is non-corrosive.

Recyclable: Aluminum is cost efficient and recyclable, which is one of the reasons it has become increasingly popular.

Appearance: Aluminum effectively absorbs paint and sealant, so it is often chosen for its cosmetic qualities.